Rapzilla asks “Should Christians Sue?”

Rapzilla recently posted an op-ed piece addressing the question on whether Christians should sue or not. Since they knew that Syntax Records has avoided court at all costs, they sent some questions to our co-founder Timothy Trudeau in order to get his perspective on lawsuits. Here is the part they published:

When it comes to lawsuits between two professing Christians, the Bible has some very specific direction outlined in 1st Corinthians chapter 6. In a nutshell, Paul writes that it would be better to let it go and suffer wrongdoing, rather than seek justice from a system or people who don’t know the only One who is just. By now many are presumably ready to pounce on the glaring and obvious fact that this is only addressing two believers. It’s true, like when a spouse commits adultery, you could get off on a technicality if the party you want to sue is not a believer. And of course you cannot utilize the Matthew 18 process or rely on Church discipline when the defendant is not a member of either your local church or the church universal. But like the sinful spouse, the technicality isn’t always the greatest response. Christ could technically let his bride go due to our habitual unfaithfulness. I think the over-arching principles can even be applied to a situation between a believer and a non-believer. Bottom line, it’s always best to error on the side of grace. In other words turning your cheek and letting your light so shine. This is not pacifism or being a pushover. I am talking about holistically approaching a situation where you have been wronged and weighing the consequences through an eternal lens.

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